Structural Acupressure (Zero Balancing)
Relax Bone Deep!
These sessions focus on getting the energy moving in the spine, pectoral & pelvic girdles, head, neck, shoulders and feet.
Shiatsu (Japanese for finger pressure)
The Current Flows Deep!
These sessions are designed to awaken energy pathways (meridians) using a firm sequence of rhythmic pressure held on specific point.
'The Feet Never Lie!'
Pulling the energy down into the feet is like 'uncorking a wine bottle' it lets your whole body breathe. These sessions focus on 'zone therapy'.
Deep Tissue
Relax Your Armor!
Experience viable soft tissue connections through these sessions by relaxing stiffness, improving muscle tone and increasing circulation.
Benefit From the Survival Kits of Plants! Aromatic molecules from certain plants can enhance your quality of life synergistically.
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